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SEWA Gujarat

SEWA Uttrakhand

SEWA Bihar

SEWA Gujarat

SEWA Gujarat was founded by Smt. Ela Bhatt and registered as a trade union in 1972 in Ahmedabad. For the last three decades it has been trying to organise women workers engaged in various trades in the informal economy in order to integrate their work in the national economy. SEWA’s experience in organising and capacity building has thus helped it to identify various socio-economic factors and market and labour conditions that can be turned around in women workers’ favour. Its collective strength gives the organisation the bargaining power to achieve this goal. For more information on SEWA Gujarat, you can learn more at

Contact Information:
Pratibha Ben
SEWA Reception Centre, Opposite Victoria Garden
Bhadra, Ahmedabad 380001
Phone: 079 –2 5511430, 25507365, 25506477, and 25506444
Fax: 079 – 5506446; Email:

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SEWA Madhya Pradesh

SEWA Madhya Pradesh was formally established in Indore as a trade union in 1985. At first SEWA worked towards organising bidi workers in the city and make them aware of their rights. After 1992, this activity spread to other cities and covered women in other activities as well. In the last 18 years SEWA MP has organised more than 100,000 workers in the state.

Members’ Activities: The major activities of the members are Bidi making, aggarbatti making, stitching, tendu patta collection and as labourers in agriculture and construction.

Contact Information:
Shikha ben,
96-B, Vaishali Nagar,
Annapurna Road,
Indore 452009
Madhya Pradesh
Phone (0731) 2483150 and 2796288;

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SEWA in Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow Mahila SEWA Trust

Started under the aegis of SEWA Ahmedabad in 1988, the Lucknow Mahila SEWA Trust was formally established as a trust in 1992. It was the first trade union for women in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Since then it has been working in the Barabanki districts of Uttar Pradesh and has played a crucial role in empowering women artisans engaged in chikan and zardozi work. Women engaged in these activities form a major component of the membership of Lucknow SEWA Mahila Trust.

Members’ activities: Zardosi, chikan, appliqué, mukesh, kundan, knitting, ready –made garments, food processing, crochet work, lace work, agarbatti making, beedi rolling, papad making, imitation jewellery, street vendors and hawkers, basket making, paper bag making, agriculture, construction workers etc .

Contact Information:
Farida Ben
3/93, Vikas Nagar
Phone: (0522) 2769472;

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SEWA Bareilly

Since the year 2007, SEWA Bharat has been working in 3 villages of Bareillly district of Utter Pradesh, including Mirdan Mohalla (in Faridpur Tehsil), Richolla Kifatullah (in Nawabganj Tehsil) and Bandiya (Ward no. 34). The majority of women in these villages are home-based workers, whose existence is adversely affected by miserable economic condition. To help them overcome this situation, and to enable their all round development, SEWA made Bareilly as its work area.

Members’ Activities:

Apart from organizing and building the capacity of the women workers of Bareilly, SEWA is also providing them the services of education and vocational training, saving and credit, and social security.

Contact Information:
SEWA Bareilly
40 – B, Umang Part – 1,
Mahanagar, Bareilly
Phone No. – 0581-2583795

Major Activities Undertaken in 2009
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SEWA in Bihar

SEWA Bihar got registered on 24th august 2007.

SEWA Bhagalpur

SEWA Bhagalpur, has its area of operation in Bhagalpur and Banka. The sole motto of the organisation is to instigate the views of empowerment, organisation, skill training and self-dependency among women based on the principles of Gandhian Philosophy. The organisation operates with the vision of self-reliance and total development of women of the area by forming Self-Help-Groups (SHG's). Late Sh. Kedar Prasad Chaurasia started SEWA Bhagalpur (Self Employed Women's Association) in 1983. In last 22 years Sewa has worked and continued its activities among women as one of the largest women's organisation in the state of Bihar and has established its credentials at the national level as well. From time to time, this organisation has raised issues related to problems and demands of working women of this area.

Members’ activities: The membership comprises vendors and home based workers involved in tassar, bidi and papad.

Contact Information:
Madhuri Ben
Kajwali chowk,
Phone: 0641- 2620404

Major Activities Undertaken in 2009

SEWA Munger

SEWA Munger has been working with unorganised women for the last twenty years in Munger District, Bihar. With the help of SEWA Bharat, SEWA Munger has been particularly active in the blocks of Munger Sadar, Bariyarpur and Haveli Kharagpur; this area is highly associated with the ITC factory in Munger. Many of our members are also from the Tetiya Bumber block.

Members’ Activities:

Members are engaged in diverse trades including making bamboo utensils, leaf plates, bidis, save ropes, pappads and aggarbattis, tendu patta plucking, clay pottery and vegetable vending.

Contact Information:
Nutan Singh
Shanti Kutir,
Opposite Durgasthan,
Munger 811201
Phone: (06344) 222206

Major Activities Undertaken in 2009
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SEWA Katihar

In the year 2008, SEWA Bharat began its work in katihar district of Bihar. The main objective behind Beginning its work in Katihar was to organize the women (most of whom are migrant workers), and to link them to the services like health and livelihood. In order to achieve this objective, the women are being provided employment through bamboo stick production, wherein they are given training, and are made self reliant through linkage to our Munger based Agarbatti Co-operative.

Members’ Activities:

Microfinance, Social Security, Livelihood Generation, Skill Building

Contact Information:
SEWA Katihar
Infront of Sardar Block,
Near Gerabari Road,
Mirchaibari, Katihar -854105
Phone No. 0645-2231048

Major Activities Undertaken in 2009
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SEWA Kerala

SEWA Kerala was formed in order to help the women of marginalized communities in the state find some sort of livelihood to sustain their families financially. SEWA has been successful in identifying various traditional activities, which these women can pursue in order to achieve self-reliance and social esteem. The members belong to both the inland and coastal areas of Thiruvananthapuram district, the Kranthi Mahila Samajam, Anchuthengu,Harijan Mahila Samajam, Mudanchira, Vanitha Kendram and Pulluvela.

Contact Information:
Sonia Ben
Krad – 51 Murli,
Kuctiravamani Road,
Phone: (0471) 2470167 / 2476734;

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SEWA Delhi

SEWA Delhi started in the year 1999 in Jehangir Puri and has now expanded its operations to include Raghuvir Nagar,Sunder nagari,Rajiv Nagar,New Ashok Nagar and Anand Vihar areas also.

Members’ Activities

A large proportion of the members are street vendors, the rest being involved in home based work like bindi marking, tailoring,Zari Workers etc.

Contact Information:
7/5, first floor,
South Patel Nagar,
New Delhi 110008
Phone: (011) 25840937 / 25841369 / 45009369
Fax: (011) 25840937

Major Activities Undertaken in 2009
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SEWA Rajasthan

SEWA Bikaner

Bikaner is a heritage city in the popular tourist state of Rajasthan. It has long been known for its papad industry throughout the country. Other home-based trades pursued by women in Bikaner include badi and wool making. Despite the economic prosperity associated with these trades, however, the position of women engaged in this work continues to be financially and socially weak and vulnerable.

SEWA Bharat commenced its activities in Bikaner by conducting a study of home-based workers in the city. Both this study and another survey that SEWA Bharat undertook with the help of the Central Labour Ministry revealed the poor social and economic condition of women workers in the papad industry. Since then SEWA Bharat has been actively engaged in highlighting the problems of these women and ameliorating their condition. It has undertaken various activities in 2003 such as micro finance, literacy classes, micro enterprise.

Members’ activities

Most of our members in this city are home-based workers involved in pappad making for a living

Contact Information:
Seema Ben,
Talwara Jhill House
Opposite M.S. Girls Hostel
Gajner Road
Phone No. - 0151 - 2520010

Major Activities Undertaken in 2009
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SEWA Jhodpur

On witnessing the various hardships faced by the people living in the slums of Jodhpur, SEWA Bharat started working in this district in 2008, which has lead to a marked improvement in two slum clusters of the city. To help the women meet their other economic needs, the services are also being provided to them under SEWA’s microfinance programme.

Members’ Activities:

Unionising the women workers, providing them saving and credit facilities, and linkage with government’s micropension scheme and other social security programmes.

Contact Information:
SEWA Jodhpur
3A3, 1st Floor, Pehli Pulia,
Chopasani Housing Board,
Jodhpur – 342008
Phone No. 0291- 2760640

Major Activities Undertaken in 2009
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SEWA Uttrakhand

In the year 2006, SEWA began to organize the women workers of Uttarakhand, and facilitate their economic empowerment through a comprehensive microfinance programme. At present, SEWA is working in Almora, Rudrapryaag, pithauragarh, pauri, Bageshwar and Dehradun districts of Uttarakhand.

Members’ Activities:

Organising and capacity building, microfinance, livelihood generation, and linkage to SGSY and other social security schemes.

Contact Information:
SEWA Uttarakhand
9 Vishu Niwas, Deffence Enclave,
Opposite Guru Nanak Academy,
Raipur Road,
Phone No. : 0135-2114218

Major Activities Undertaken in 2009
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